Our philosophy

ECLIPSE is a restaurant in Manerba del Garda, part of Hotel Splendid Sole. The main activity is characterized by the use of goods made on the Lake Garda Territory. It guarantees a unique experience combining tradition and innovation. Each Eclipse dish is entirely home-made.

Thanks to the new delivery service, we offer the opportunity to taste our dishes at home. We guarantee flavour and quality of all our dishes . You can enjoy the Eclipse experience everywhere with you .


We have two menus available, one for the restaurant and another for the Delivery service. Differentiated to ensure a unique experience wherever you are.

The chef recommends

Timballo di riso venere con salmone norvegese marinato al Mojito , caprino e avocado

Tipico tortello Amaro di Castelgoffredo con paglia di porro

Costolette d’agnello pancettate e riduzione al Groppello del Garda

Crema catalana alla lavanda


About Us

Eclipse, part of the Hotel Splendid Sole, was created to fully enjoy  the experience on Lake Garda. Combined with the charm of Manerba and its Rocca, expressing the strong and present traditiones through it’s culinary art.

We value our territory using only local products . Eclipse is the flagship of the experience on the Lake Garda and near to the main attractions of our town: La Rocca, the Historic Center and of course Lake Garda’s beauties.


What better place to enjoy exquisite food after visiting the wonders of Lake Garda?



Contact us

Via Carducci, 3 – 25080
Manerba del Garda (Bs)
Tel. 0365-551281 – Fax 0365 552249
Partita IVA 02617300989

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